Radical Sportscars, one of the world’s most successful racing car manufacturers, has blurred the lines between road and race performance with the introduction of its new road-legal sports car – the Rapture.

“The new Radical Rapture tops the brand’s range, bringing race-inspired design to the road.” Sam Jenkins, Evo.

0-100 km/h

3.0 sec


765 kg

0-160 Km/h

8.4 sec


268 Kw


265 km/h


488 Nm

High performance combined with real downforce, makes the Radical Rapture an exciting new road-legal track day car, which is accessible to both experienced drivers and novices alike.

Each Radical Rapture owner will benefit from a tailored track tuition package to ensure every owner gets the best out of their new high performance car. 

“The Rapture is, predictably, quite light. 765kg, all-in. so it’s fast – 0-60mph takes 3 seconds flat, and 0-100mph 8.4 seconds. The top speed is 165mph.” Tom Harrison, Top Gear.

Power is delivered through a turbocharged 360bhp Ford EcoBoost engine, reworked by Radical Performance Engines, which is linked to a paddle shift six-speed gear change with auto-blipper to perfectly match engine revs to road speed. 

The Radical Nik-link suspension system has been optimised for both road and track use and is equipped with fully adjustable dampers for complete control. 

“In fact, while thunderously quick, with a consistent, relentless shove across a wide rev range from the EcoBoost motor, eye-popping stopping power from the brakes (300mm 48-vane fully-floating discs at the front, 280mm versions at the rear, with four-pot calipers) and excellent grip through the turns, the Rapture remained calm and composed.” Will Dron, The Sunday Times Driving.

Featuring a lightweight spaceframe chassis with FIA-compliant safety cell and crash structure, and high-downforce composite bodywork, complete with adjustable rear wing and diffuser, the pure race-bred Radical Rapture corners with phenomenal prowess. 

“If you want physics-defying performance that you can exploit on public roads, it begins to feel like a bit of a steal.” Felix Page, Autocar


Rapture Standard Features


  • RPE-Ford 2261cc, turbocharged engine with split-event direct injection, twin-independent variable cam timing and fly-by-wire throttle
  • LIFE engine management system


  • Six-speed sequential transaxle with integral Quaife ATB differential
  • Paddleshift gear change with auto-blipper
  • Mid-engine, rear wheel drive


  • Lightweight spaceframe chassis with FIA-compliant safety cell and crash structure
  • LMP-inspired, high-downforce composite bodywork
  • Full road lighting 
  • Bi-plane high-downforce road/trackday rear wing and diffuser
  • Electrically-adjustable, heated mirrors


  • 300mm (front) 280mm (rear), 48-vane fully-floating disc brakes with four-pot calipers

Safety and Security

  • Remote engine immobiliser
  • Fire extinguisher system


  • Multifunction steering wheel with integral indicators, horn and headlight controls
  • Sculpted dash with warning lights and momentary switches
  • AiM MXS multifunction LCD dash display with logging function
  • Cockpit heater and courtesy light
  • 2 x moulded, racing seats with integral headrest and multi-point harness
  • 12V auxiliary socket 


  • Fully adjustable Nik-link suspension system optimised for road and track use
  • Front and rear unequal length top and bottom wishbones
  • Forged centre-lock hubs
  • Interchangeable anti-roll bars
  • Bespoke Intrax Racing adjustable ARC dampers


  • Length: 4.10m
  • Width: 1.79m
  • Height: 1.11m​
  • Dry weight: 765kg